"Bringing Out Personalities at Every Event"
Event Airbrush Skin Art & Airbrush Tattoos, CHILDREN PARTY HOUSTON, Serving Houston & surrounding areas

Airbrush Pricing

For more information call 281.923.3221

1 hr of Airbrush - $110 (Limited Designs)

A $50 DEPOSIT is required to book all events!


Additional Hrs - $80/per hour 



*** Corporate Events - $240 for 2 hours   ($120 for additional hours)

**Church Events - $200 for 2 hours           ($100 for additional hours)


Custom Designs – Must be submitted at least 3 weeks before your event. 

There will be an additional charge of $25 per custom design.



$50 Deposit is required to book all events!

All events require a 2hr minimum.

*Extra fee for Holidays


Project Graduations or Lock-ins - Overnight - $875/5hr


For more information call



FX Tattoos-Add (Call for pricing)


Non-Profit Pricing - $125/hr (Tattoos or Faces only)

(Non-Profit pricing is only available for events starting before 7pm)

Add 2nd Artist - $125/hr

Custom Designs (Names)-$10 (Logos)-$20

**Custom designs must be submitted at least 5 days before your event.)

 Service  Cost
 What's Included
Airbrush Tattoos Only
600+ generic designs + customs if requested
 Airbrush Tattoos +
Airbrush Face Painting
 $150/hr  400 generic tattoo designs + 20-30 Face designs
Airbrush Tattoos +
Flash Tattoos
  $150/hr  400 generic tattoo designs + about 80 Flash designs
 Airbrush Henna Only
Airbrush Tattoos +
Airbrush Henna
15 Henna designs
400 generic tattoo designs + about 15 Henna designs
 Any 3 - Tattoos,
Faces, Flash or Henna
  $200/hr  A mixture of designs